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Clare Purvis & Lance LaBier — Minted

Clare Purvis


Lance LaBier

Clare Purvis and Lance LaBier

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Our Story

Lance and I met in the most 2020 COVID way possible...Hinge. I will be honest, his Texas Longhorn shirt in one of his pictures was a big reason I matched with him. We chatted for a few weeks before he finally asked me out on a date.

Our first date was at Big Boss Brewery on November 12, 2020, and to say it went well is an understatement! Our relationship progressed pretty quickly from there. By date 2.5 (it's a long story) I had met his roommate, Jon, and his precious Duck Tolling Retriever, Jordan. Despite my best friend, Haley, crashing our first date, it took me a few weeks to get up the courage to officially introduce her and my dog, Corona, to Lance, but luckily it went well and the 3 of us became the best of friends.

As our relationship progressed and got more serious, I was sure I loved Lance but was terrified to say it first. Finally I just blurted it out one night in February 2021 and luckily he said it back. We now get in regular 'arguments' about who loves who more that always end in "I love you the most x infinity x 12." This makes most people cringe, but it makes me just as giddy each time as the first time I told him I loved him.

We began talking about marriage pretty early on in our relationship because we both could feel this was the real deal. However, Lance made me wait until 2 days before our 2nd anniversary to pop the question. Our dog Jordan was diagnosed with Cancer in October 2022, and I decided to hire a photographer to take some pictures of us and the dogs to have just in case something happened to him. Lance had apparently been planning to hire a photographer under the guise of doing Christmas card photos and then popping the question, so instead of doing all the work to make this happen, he reached out to my photographer and hijacked our session to propose. I obviously said yes and it couldn't have been more perfect! It was even better once we knew Jordan was completely cancer free and would be with us for many many more years!